Is It Fall Yet? Dip Powder:  IP160
Is It Fall Yet? Dip Powder:  IP160
Is It Fall Yet? Dip Powder:  IP160
Is It Fall Yet? Dip Powder:  IP160
Is It Fall Yet? Dip Powder:  IP160

Is It Fall Yet? Dip Powder: IP160

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Is it Fall Yet? Just in time for fall, this dip screams sweater weather! ( Yass) We know this is going to one of our best selling fall dips this year. And did you see how stunning it looks matte? Your nails will look fabulous in this color.  

❤️Shown on nails with a matte and glossy finish. The accent nail is Queen Fabulous.

Very smooth and great for beginner dippers. This dip is very easy to use.  Product is shown with 2 dips on the stick .

New nail dipping system! This non toxic system is the newest craze in nail enhancement application. This system is perfect for beginners. Shown on pinky finger with 2 dips and sprinkled over the pink.

Dip Powders do not require and UV or LED lighting which is much more healthy for your nail and skin. It also does not require long dry time.

Our Dipping Powders are extra fine making it perfect to absorb into the your base coat liquid. The product dry very fast and will last up to 3 weeks. This system is very durable. Imagine having long healthy natural nails that are stronger.

1oz jars approx 20 manicures

.5 Jar approx 10 manicures

(It will depend on length of nails and number of dips.)


Dipping powder is so easy to use and anyone can do it. It takes less time than apply acrylics. Using our 3 steps system, anyone can have salon nails at home for a fraction of the price.


Must have: Base Coat, Activator, and Top Coat in order to use the dipping powder.


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